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About Our Company


SR Driving School mission is to empower individuals to take control of their destiny and improve their personal and professional lives by providing them with driving skills. Many jobs and professions require driving license just to be considered. We help our clients to acquire this very necessary tool.

At the SR Driving School we are implementing an effective curriculum, and maintaining a serious business discipline in everything we do. We guarantee a high quality of instructions behind the wheel and in the class room.

Our Vision

We Achieved Top Reviewed Driving School Company

Our vision is to move our clients to a state of empowerment and self-determination, by teaching them a very important and useful skill, driving an automobile. Our teaching technique promotes and guarantees proper and safe driving. Our technique is based on detailed explanation of car instruments and rules of the road. We start practical driving from the first minute of every lesson. We base our lessons on positive thinking and encouragement of our clients.